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Day Five - June 8th 2018

We passed through Wolf Lake, then Lake Andrusia, then into Cass Lake in Allen’s Bay pressing through the Potato Islands then shot over to the peninsula on Star Island.

Matt decided to take a break at this junction. Joe and I lined up for the north eastern peninsula and went for it. We eventually found a campsite over there but the flies were horribly thick. We decided to move on and cross the big part of Cass Lake.

That was an absolute rush. For hours we paddled through 3-4 foot roller coming at us from the stern on the starboard side. So literally waves were breaking into my boat. When I would look over at Joe his hull of his boat was eye level for me or all I could see of him was his shoulders and up.

We made it to the dam that was marked on the map. It was now a dam made with boulders to allow a natural flow back to the river. After scouting it out we decided to run it. We had chosen our line and committed. Joe took the lead and charged at it. I dig deep and followed suit. Joe cleared the highest level of boulders and came to a stop. My line was good and the momentum I had was good. As I neared Joe I reached out for the stern of his boat and gave him a shove. He cleared and I got a good run. After hearing what seemed like every rock in the river take a punch at the hull of my boat I was free. We got cheers from the people watching.

Joe and I paddled on a few more miles passing enormous schools of large Red Horse fish below us some easily over 2.5ft. We finally came to a burned out bridge where we decided to camp.

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