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Day Four - June 7th 2018

Took my time this morning. Went through all my gear and decided what needed to go to lighten up the load. Today was first significant lake crossing in Bimidji

Got a cab ride and shipped to “If it fits it ships” boxes. Trashed some stuff that wasn’t worth the effort to ship.

Lake crossing went well and pressed on down the River. Another milestone was passing by the Most Northern Point as well. So the bend now is eastward and gradually south. Within the next couple of days I will reach my first 100 miles completed to date. I’m at about 70 miles complete now according to the map.

I’m told that after 7 days of continuous paddling I am considered an endurance athlete. I had not thought of that, although I’ll take the status.

Feasted on MRE’s this evening. Good but not nearly as good as that cheeseburger and beer last night. We have that stuff at our disposal so frequently. Honestly it should be more of a treat than norm. It sure does taste better when you have actually done something to earn it. It tasted like victory.

Thank you to all of you for your interest and support. It is a blessing to me and I appreciate it. I have seen all of your likes and comments. Some of this trip I have not had service and it’s amazing to see the support once I am able to get on and look.

Good night and God Bless

One tired but smiling man

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