• spuffer

Day Three - June 6th 2018

Beautiful fog laying over the river this morning. Geese can be heard off in the distance. Very peaceful awakening. Started off the day with two campsite choices in mind. First was only ten miles down and the next twenty one.

Iron Bridge came into view at 10:30 so it was easy to say keep pushing. Silver Maple landing was made at 3:30pm. Site was way up on a hill and mosquito laden. Matt was there with me and we decided to press on another few miles and make Bemidji. Arrived at the boat ramp at 6.

Apparently 54 miles completed in total.

Joe showed up as well and we all went to get a burger and beer. Well deserved treat.

We camped out next to the sewage treatment plant. Not glamorous but our site was actually pleasant. Sounds of town are keeping me up though.

Tomorrow I plan on shipping some stuff home. I’m running pretty heavy.

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