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Day Two - June 5th 2018

After a night camped out beside a bridge I was awoken by traffic.

I lost some pretty important gear yesterday namely a weeks worth of medication. Cables and chargers for my electronics, some tick spray and some rope. It will be missed.

My phone is depleted of power so my only connection with everyone is through my GPS tracker. At least I can send out a canned message saying I’m good.

Ready to paddle I broke camp and set off off for a new destination. The river was kinder today. Only had to get out and drag the boat a few times. It changes drastically rather quickly.

Some places are less than six feet wide and at others it will open up to about 18 feet wide. Only problem I have with that is wider equates shallows. At times I wondered if I was still on the right channel.

I pressed on till about 3:30pm and found Bear Den Landing. Not long after Joe Rogan from Canada showed up and then Matt Brigs did as well. It was good to be in company. We all have the Gulf as our destination.

Around 11 we had some unwelcome company by means of the logging road that connected others to our location. Thankfully the left.

Midnight ushered in a brilliant storm with strong winds and lightning. It poured on us till a little after 3. We all managed to stay good and dry.

It truly is a beautiful landscape.

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