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On this Journey I will be on an abundance of water. In places of this world there are shortages of water.

Through my church (thesimplechurch.tv) and their partnership Living Water International (https://water.cc/aboutlivingwater), I have signed up to go on a mission trip to Honduras to drill fresh water wells for communities that are in need of more convenient water sources. This will take place in February.

Through this effort these water wells will provide communities clean sustainable water for drinking, sanitation and hygiene. This simple thing that we take for granted can reduce risk factors of disease tremendously.

By reducing time-consuming chores of replenishing water supplies, women and children of these communities will benefit with a higher quality of life. They will be provided with improved health, safety, time for education and a restored faith in a world where a God who loves them and has answered the call by providing for them with these water wells.

If you would like to give your donation would be greatly appreciated. Here’s how you can help. Cash, check and online giving.

Cash – easy and we will write a receipt for you contribution

Check – Please make out to The Simple Church an in the memo please write Mission/Shawn Puffer and we will write a receipt for you contribution

Online giving – A little tricky but still worth it! Got to thesimplechurch.tv and set up a giving account. Designate your gift to Missions. Because they will not have a place for that gift to be associated and credited to this particular mission please email bill@thesimplechurch.tv and leave your name and amount you donated so that Bill will have record and your donation is earmarked for this mission.

Thank you for your support and prayers!

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