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Sneak Peek

So what does a trip like this look like? Paul Meincke does a superb job of telling the story. Please take a look at the link below. He and his group paddle an estimated 950,000 strokes towards their goal.

Towards the end they briefly show a guy by the name of Jeff Larson who hand built his boat and made the journey as well.

I had the pleasure a few days ago to sit with Jeff and discuss over lunch, at the famed Herby K’s in Shreveport, LA, his journey. Very good stuff! Jeff tells an awesome story of how one of the guys in this video touched Jeff’s life by being able to pay forward to his father the gratitude of one Vietnam Vet to another. We spoke for two hours an it felt like fifteen minutes. One of us held the wisdom of the great river while the other thirsts for it. Jeff and I departed on a handshake that in the furture we will get together and do a trip locally.

For my family and friends that are trying to understand why I am doing this please give this a look see and I think you will have a better feeling about this journey for me. Maybe it will answer some questions and probably lead to more. For everyone else enjoy the video and may you find inspiration in reaching for your dreams.


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