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Two Groups

Those that want to know more and are completely enamored by what I am planning, and those that think I am completely crazy!!

We know that Noah faced an identical crowd.

So Why?, is a question that comes up the most. My inner sarcasm wants to speak up with, well why not?

Truth is I grew up on many waterways. Childhood memories of the Trinity River and Turtle Bayou are among some of the best. Places like Galveston Bay and Trinity Bay filled my nose with brackish saltwater air. Texas waters were my playground. My teen years I would grow to have a relationship with the Kankakee River and Illinois River. Bodies of freshwater like Lake Michigan would be my sancurary.

The Mississippi would come into play throughout my life. It beckoned to me and I always met its call with anticipated excitement while approaching a crossing of the great river. The I-80 Bridge at the Quad Cities or the I-57 Bridge in southern Illinois would be the most common crossings for me. I have gazed upon the river from high up on its banks near Galena, IL and crossed its span into Dubuque, IA. There the dream of floating the entire length of it was kindled. Latter I was giddy to see the river while crossing from Memphis and recently seeing the river from the vantage point of Vicksburg off of I-20. It is amazing and awe striking from the crossing on I-10 in Baton Rouge.

The story of Huck Finn never really captured my imagination but when I began learning of other peoples journey that's when the real fire started for me. Like the river my curiosity started small then gained momentum as a gained more knowledge about it.

Then it became about having and adventure of a lifetime to accomplish. Later it evolved into something that I felt I needed in my life to help steer perspective back into it. I felt spiritually broken and looked to this as a possible means of healing. I still look at this way today.

Then while sitting in church I realized this needs to be about so much more than just me. God is providing to me this opportunity. I had better listen and serve in the capacity of his calling.

This is the why


Doesn't hurt that its also one of the boldest and coolest things I think I have taken on

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